At present, Light and Dark will only be accepting submissions of short fiction. The submission windows will be as follows:


December 1 – January 15: Issue 12 will be released on February 15

February 1 – March 15: Issue 13 will be released on April 15

April 1 – May 15: Issue 14 will be released on June 15


Submission Specifics:

Length: There is no minimum, but please keep your submissions under 3,000 words.

Simultaneous Submissions: Totally fine, but please let us know at if your story is accepted by another magazine.

Multiple Submissions: You can submit more than one story per reading period, but each will need to be sent to us on its own.

Format: Double space; Contact information at the top of the first page; numbered pages.

Content: We are seeking works of literary fiction. Stories that grapple with the dichotomies of existence. Light and dark; hate and love; pain and ecstasy. Leave a mark on us. Please submit only previously unpublished work. Lastly, we can only consider stories written in English.

How to Submit:

Submittable. Include a cover letter and a brief, third person biography, ready for publication. The $3 reading fee helps us maintain Submittable, the website, and support for our writers.

Response Time:

We aim to respond to each submission within a month of when each submission period ends. (Note: This may not mean one month from the time of your submission). If the piece is under serious consideration for the magazine, you may not hear until five days before the issue is released. Every story will receive an answer by this time.


We believe that writers should be paid for their work. Fiction is an art that needs as much support as possible, now more than ever. Although it isn’t much, we can currently award $15 for short stories published in our magazine.

We will acquire First Time Publishing Rights. We also will retain the right to publish your story in our semi-annual print magazine. All other rights revert back to the author. All stories will remain in the archives of our website. We ask that if you publish your story elsewhere that you mention Light and Dark as the initial place of publication.

Submit HERE: